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Welcome to Breathwork Healings


We are thrilled that you are here. Please take a look around and see what all the "breath" is about. It's really all about you, wherever you are, whatever you have going on... the breath is here to serve you. And we are here to give you the best experience and hold the space for your own self-healing.


Since 2011, we have had the honor and pleasure of guiding many people through Breathwork Meditations. Each time, we are more moved and fall deeper in love with this work and the process. We respect the gifts of this work and the deep healing that comes from allowing the breath to be our guide.


It is our intention with each session, to offer a safe place for you to release stuck energy, experience deep joy, and connection to your higher and loving self. Whether with a group or in a private session, we are here to support you.


We highly encourage you to take a leap and join us at our next event or schedule a private healing session and experience the joy of breathing in a powerful, new way. All are welcome, no previous experience needed. To learn more about this powerful breathing technique, and about the facilitators please click here.


It is THROUGH the breath that we can achieve deeper levels of loving, compassion and forgiveness. 

We are also excited to announce that we are expanding our work by offering Breathwork trainings and workshops. Stay informed by signing up to receive our newsletter and join us at any of our special events, workshops, training, and retreats to experience more healing... 

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