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Breathwork Healings Goes International with Insight Adventures

Insight Adventures carefully crafts international and local retreats for people who are looking for a unique, transformational life experience.

New !

New! - Guatemala Creatives' Retreat
Join us for an adventurous, joy-filled week in Guatemala. Hike a volcano, eat delicious local food, swim the calm waters of Lake Atitlan, explore colonial Antigua, write, relax and enjoy our magical hotel that is only accessible by boat. A special day spent with the local “chocolate shaman” will open your heart and set your creativity free…


Mysteries of Peru

After “doing it right”, and following the rules, there is a part of you that knows this is not all there is, that there is more for you in this life. Inside, you know it’s time to take the next steps into a life that is a true expression of who you really are. A life of meaning. A life of purpose.

If this speaks to you… join us and discover the Mysteries of Peru.

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Nepal Transformational Adventure (Date TBD)
Explore the Himalayas like none other.
Discover remote monasteries, hidden valleys and eat fresh foods from local farms daily. This two week adventure will take you through some of the most remote areas of the Himalayas and into the extraordinary vibrance of Kathmandu. Coupled with the outer journey, you will engage in deep and meaningful group and individual work, allowing you greater connection to yourself and your life's true purpose...

Insight Detox Retreats

Are you feeling, stressed, overwhelmed, stuck or in need of some guidance?

Imagine if you had 24 hours alone, in nature, to connect deeply with yourself, cleanse your body and replenish your creative energies. Join us for a unique and magical solo experience. This is a moderate exercise level adventure. We will be fasting and drinking only water for 24 hours. Each person will have their own private wilderness camp site, within hearing distance of your guide and other participants, who will be available to assist you if needed.




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